Emotional Intelligence

Theory and description – A competency model for interpersonal effectiveness

Summary by Carina…

  • EI is a strategic asset facilitating improved organizational performance.
  • IQ is necessary but not sufficient.

EI could play a crucial role in improving individuals’ performance in career prospect.

  • Studies on carreer performance of executives revealed that managers who are aware and have a true understanding of their own and others’ emotions, and are able to use that understanding to effectively motivate, inspire, challenge, and connect with others are far more effective than traditional managers who actively separate any emotions from the workplace and promote methodical , detached, micro-managing style of supervision.
  • EI abilities are two times more crucial for performance excellence and technical and cognitive ability.
  • EI can also raise the level of individual and team performance.
  • EI tend to display superior task performance skills.
  • EI is more important screening criterion than intellect and other managerial skills.
  • EI provides both performance advantages and career advancement opportunities.

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