IT compliance and IT security

Summary by Marina…

What is IT compliance?

IT compliance is a key element of a business’ risk management and a crucial aspect of good governance. Corporate governance is about the need for businesses to identify, understand, and comply with a number of laws, regulations, and standards which affect how a company operates. IT compliance focuses on

  • electronic data processing,
  • networks, and
  • IT infrastructure.

A compliant company has adopted best practice procedures including internal controls to protect IT systems, processes and ultimately the value of corporate assets. The main objective of laws and regulatory requirements is to ensure that risk are made transparent and that sufficient controls are implemented so that problems may be identified and dealt with as early as possible.

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Virtual Team Collaboration

A Review of Literature and Perspectives

Summary by Carina…

A VT is a group of people with complementary competencies who may be geographically and temporally dispersed, communicate via information technologies, and execute simultaneous and collaborative work processes in order to accomplish a common objective.

Why? Knowledge formalization.

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Master’s Program

Hello everybody!

As we still have some time left – yet – to the final examination of the master’s program at the MCI, I thought about summarizing and clarifying some topics we addressed during our studies. I think most of the topics are pretty exciting and therefore want to discuss them briefly. Moreover, I think the discussion form at the bottom of each topic can be used to exchange ideas and thoughts and help each other out!

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