How to Manage Virtual Teams

Summary by Carina…

Teams are the building blocks of an organization. They provide companies with the means to combine

  • various skills,
  • talents, and
  • perspectives

of a group of individuals to achieve corporate goals.

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Virtual Team Collaboration

A Review of Literature and Perspectives

Summary by Carina…

A VT is a group of people with complementary competencies who may be geographically and temporally dispersed, communicate via information technologies, and execute simultaneous and collaborative work processes in order to accomplish a common objective.

Why? Knowledge formalization.

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A Seven-Layer Model of Collaboration

Separation of concerns for designers of collaboration systems

The subtitle tells us what it’s all about. The whole model is about separating the concerns. This model enables a design of a collaboration system without the necessity to be fully aware of the whole system at any time. The goals dictate the products, the products demand certain activities, collaboration techniques use specific tools etc.

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Master’s Program

Hello everybody!

As we still have some time left – yet – to the final examination of the master’s program at the MCI, I thought about summarizing and clarifying some topics we addressed during our studies. I think most of the topics are pretty exciting and therefore want to discuss them briefly. Moreover, I think the discussion form at the bottom of each topic can be used to exchange ideas and thoughts and help each other out!

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