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This blog is about Social Media put in a context. I am currently writing my master’s thesis about Social Media effectiveness in the tourism industry. This blog accompanies my thesis as I want to gather as many opinions from you as possible! I will post at least twice a week!

Short Bio

Ever since I entered the commercial school, I started to work with companies and as a freelancer. I gathered a lot of experience working as an accountant in SMEs in Tyrol, Austria (educadi, Creativer). Furthermore, I assisted some companies in setting up the IT infrastructure and improving information processes. For a more elaborate cv, you can find me on linkedin and Xing.

Educational background

2007 – present

MCISince autumn 2007, I am studying at the university of applied science called “Management Center Innsbruck”. I did my bachelor degree there, and 2010 I decided to continue doing my master in the same direction. The program is called “Management, Communication & IT” and concentrates on joined-up thinking in a business context. If you want to know more about it, go here.

2001 – 2007

HAKI did my A-level at a commercial school in Tyrol called Handelsakademie Schwaz. This education was fairly general, covering pretty much all topics one is confronted with when doing business economics. I attended special courses addressing IT administration, programming, and new media.


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