Twenty trends that will shape the next decade

Demographic Trends

1. Digitally Savvy Kids Grow Up and Change Everything

Generation Y

woodleywonderworks @ flickr

Generation Y will mature being quick adopters of new technology.

Generation Z will be natively fluent in both mobile and social platforms.

2. Baby Boomers Gray, but They Don’t Slow Down

Baby Boomer

Jan Michael Ihl @ flickr

Baby boomers will become the graying population of the industrialized world

Senior citizens with “unretirement” and active engagement will continue to work in their professions or even start a new career

3. It’s a She-conomy


Women will be the dominant force in the global market.

Taking increased leadership responsibilities.

4. Cultural Fusion Brings Global Tastes to Local Markets


fdecomite @ flickr

Adoption and adaption of global traditions into local habits

Through the widespread use of the Web

5. Economic Opportunities Fuel Urban Living

New York

elkinator75 @ flickr

Shift from rural to urban will continue.

About 60% of the global population living in cities and suburbs by 2020.

More than 50 cities with more than 5 million inhabitants.

More than 20 mega-cities with more than 10 million inhabitants.

Social Trends

6. Social Networks Fuel the Participatory Economy


Paul Mayne @ flickr

Web and mobile platforms will encourage more people to use forums and build communities.

People will make informed social, economic, and political decisions.

7. Localism Creates a New Way of Life

Family Portrait

Doha Sam @ flickr

People will re-establish stronger ties to family, friends, and community.

Spawning local economic development.

Work-life balance is reality.

8. Individuals Shoulder the Risk Burden


Tax Credits @ flickr

Individuals will be increasingly accountable for making their own insurance and retirement decisions.

Governments will begin reducing the social support system.

> individual risk management

9. Customers Control the Relationship

Darth Vader

stevendepolo @ flickr

Power will shift from business to the market place as customers grow more informed about products and services.

Shift from push to pull marketing.

Economic Trends

10. Industrializing Countries Emerge as the New Engine For Global Growth

Third World Success Kid

Success Kid

More than 1 billion new middle-class consumers, driven by the developing world.

Businesses will have to adjust their products/services to meet the needs of these consumers and to be successful.

11. You No Longer Need Cash to Start a Business

Cash @ flickr

Starting a business will become more affordable.

Costs for starting will decline – smaller, lighter, and smarter systems, components, and manufacturing methods will emerge.

12. Sustainability Becomes a Competitive Requirements


jpaudit @ flickr

Sustainability will become a business necessity.

Renewed pressure on resource supplies and prices, with regulations, taxes, and other efforts to reduce the carbon footprints.

13. Health and Wellness Spending Soar


sophiea @ flickr

Health & Wellness will become the world’s largest industry.

Result of aging, health-intensive populations.

14. Work Shifts from Full-time to Free Agent Employment

Check Clock

library_mistress @ flickr

Traditional employment will no longer be the norm.

Replaced by contingent workers such as freelancers and part-time workers.

> more flexible workforce.

15. Niche Markets Flourish in the New Economy


TyB @ flickr

Consumers will demand unique niche products/services.

Driven in part by the vast reach of the internet and low cost tools and materials.

Niche products will be accessible anytime, anywhere.

16. Small Businesses and Global Giants Form a Barbell Economy

Small Business

mwanasimba @ flickr

Small businesses will grow in importance due to their agility and the demand for niche products/services.

Mid-sized businesses will start to disappear because they will be acquired and consolidated into large corporations.

Technology Trends: The Ubiquity of Technology

17. Working in the Cloud


theaucitron @ flickr

Brick-and-mortar businesses will be a thing of the past.

Emerging internet cloud and mobile technologies will cause a shift in work lives away from the corporate offices.

18. Data is Critical for Competitive Advantage

Server Racks

mikeshelby @ flickr

Data overload will no longer be a burden, but an advantage for individuals and companies with the skills to provide compelling analysis to consumers.

Proficient in the collection, management, and analysis of digital data.

19. Social and Mobile Computing Connect and Change the World


jakecaptive @ flickr

Networks and technologies will possess greater utility, like collaboration technologies.

20. Smart Machines Get Smarter

Deep Thought

Deep Thought

Hardware and software technologies will get smarter.

Helping people make everyday decisions and streamline complex tasks.



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