Master’s Program

Hello everybody!

As we still have some time left – yet – to the final examination of the master’s program at the MCI, I thought about summarizing and clarifying some topics we addressed during our studies. I think most of the topics are pretty exciting and therefore want to discuss them briefly. Moreover, I think the discussion form at the bottom of each topic can be used to exchange ideas and thoughts and help each other out!

Here are the topics (they will become links once I or somebody else summarized the topic):

Business Information Systems

  • Introduction To The Domain Of Business Information Systems
  • Organisations And Systems
  • Information Systems
  • The Business Environment
  • Electronic Business And Electronic Commerce
  • Assessing The Use And Impact Of Information Systems
  • Development
  • Successful Informatics Practice
  • Case Studies
  • Information Systems Strategy
  • Information Systems Management
  • Managing Information Security
  • End-User Computing – Providing End-User Services
  • Ethical, Legal And Moral Constraints On Information Systems

Marketing Management

  • Defining Marketing For The 21st Century
  • Analyzing Consumer Markets
  • Analyzing Business Markets


Other Topics

Engage! Let’s make a comprehensive collection of what we (should) know.


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