Let’s get it going!

I want to tell you about my personal motivation for writing the thesis about this specific topic. It’s not only a necessity for my thesis’ exposé, but I want to make things as transparent as possible here, in order to get you engaged!

I came along social media in many matters of my professional and personal life so far. In my opinion, and I am not alone, you have to be in social networks if you want to stay alive and be visible on the job market. Nearly a billion people are on facebook nowadays. Of course, facebook it entertaining and a lot of people are signed up there for nothing but entertainment. However, it gives everybody so many opportunites which are seen by so few. Lots of people and companies I spoke with did not link economical advantages with social networks yet. When social networks are used in the right way, it can accelerate carreers and businesses in dramatic scales.

Since I entered a commercial college with the age of thirteen, I am involved in the accounting and the management of the small family-run business of my parents. Also, I am very enthusiastic about most IT topics and used to program a lot of websites. Therefore I see myself as a true digital native and witnessed the development of the internet as a user and developer. Realizing the opportunities of social media by utilizing it for the family business, is one of the most convincing aspects and reasons for me being so excited about this topic.

Furthermore, social media in a business context, and escpecially social media marketing and the measurement of its effectiveness are cutting-edge topics. There are so many people on the internet discussing this topic and developing guidelines and thought patterns to approach this. Hence, another reason and possessive thought why I want to write about this topic is that I want to be part of this movement. I am very eager to contribute my motivation to the field and want to share my insights with you.

One point that really fascinates me, is the picture of having not just the opinions of experts embedded in my thesis, but also your opinions to validate my direction, thoughts and progress. A lot of theses’ empirical studies are conducted in cooperation with few experts. This is unquestionably valuable and scientifical, though, it is sometimes problematic when you want to achieve practical and generalizable results. I encountered this problem when I wrote my bachelor’s thesis about eCollaboration for process improvements in SMEs. I want and will get you engaged throughout the writing process as I want to know what you think and if my findings are compatible with your practice.

The last point that fueled my enthusiasm is that I write the thesis in collaboration with Tirol Werbung. Tyrol is a federal state of Austria with a huge tourism industry (in case you didn’t know). Tirol Werbung is a marketing organization in Tyrol which improves and strengthens the brand “Tirol” every day. I never wanted to write my thesis for the shelve in my living room. I want to contribute my efforts to the market and boost the business of companies. Having this set-up implies practical and hands-on results for my thesis. I love results that are obviously useful!

Please feel free to add me on facebook, on LinkedIn, and follow me on twitter. This journey will be exciting and I invite everyone that is new in this field, every practitioner and expert to join me, discuss and develop!

Best, Sebastian


2 comments on “Let’s get it going!

    • Hi RJ. Thanks! There will be a lot of things coming! And I am looking forward to it! Please, always feel free to dump your thoughts here. I gonna be happy to discuss it with you and have my opinions challenged! 🙂

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