Effectiveness of Social Media Campaigns!

Everybody wants to know how to measure it. And so do I!

Hi everybody. I started this blog to share my thoughts about the topic Social Media ROI. The next months I am going to write my master’s thesis. The thesis’ topic is:

What key metrics and figures can be used to determine the Return On Investment of social media campaigns in the context of tourism?

I write this thesis in collaboration with an Austrian institution called Tirol Werbung. I am absolutely fascinated by the topic for many reasons. I am a very curious and enthusiastic digital native; I worked for companies and organized getting the onto the internet; I feel very comfortable sharing my thoughts and discussing with you guys in a critical way; Many more! But if you want to know a bit more about my person, visit “Sebastian Kaiser in a nutshell“.

Why am I writing a blog about this? Well, writing about a topic which is so up-to-the-minute like this one, requires persistent research and reflection on the internet. So far, the most valuable statements and thoughts I came in contact with, were from people on Twitter, Facebook, and other blogs.

I assume, that this blog will soon grow to a nice collection all about the topic Social Media ROI, and will be a practical source for you to jump into the topic. Don’t just feel free to comment and critizise my postings. Let’s collaborate!


(picture by Dan Foy)


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